Job Creation in Indian Country and Additional Income for the Tribe

Benefits of the Stryde Program to Businesses

• Finds savings for all types of businesses in 3 areas; Expense Reduction, Tax Credits and Financial Services. There is no cost to the business unless Stryde finds savings. Stryde never replaces the business’s vendor for any of the services, they only consult to find and implement savings.

• Areas of Expense Reductions – Credit Card Merchant Audit, Waste & Recycling Audit, Workers Comp Insurance Audit and Parcel Shipping Expense Audit.

• Areas of Tax Credits – Cost Segregation, Property Tax, R&D and Work Opportunity Tax Credit.

• Areas of Financial Services – Specialized Tax Free retirement programs for the business owner and key personnel as well as Estate Planning.

Proposed Plan and Benefits to the Bad River Tribe

• Create a position to promote Stryde Savings to Local Businesses.

• The employee could be paid an hourly wage plus a bonus on the sales generated.

• The bulk of the income could be retained by the tribe.

• One of the key programs of Stryde is the WOTC tax credit for hiring individuals that are eligible for hiring tax credits. Native Americans are eligible for one of the highest credits available, up to $9600 per hire. By showing local businesses the advantage of hiring from the tribe a lot of them will do so.

• By spreading the word on the WOTC program will expand hiring of tribe members in the region.

• We will create a website to promote the businesses as preferred vendors that focus on hiring tribe members so tribe members can choose to patronize these businesses whenever possible in return.

• By implementing the Stryde program it will create a job or more directly with the tribe, the tribe will receive commissions on all the fees earned by Stryde on the savings generated for the businesses, more tribe members will be hired in the region as businesses learn that they will receive a tax credit for doing so and the businesses will be promoted as preferred vendors to tribe members. Everybody wins.

• The Stryde program could be promoted to other tribes throughout the US so they could to do the same in their regions and Bad River will receive an override on all their sales. With more than 700 tribes this override could be a substantial monthly income for the tribe.

Potential Revenue

• If you hire one person and assume 4 sales per month to local businesses. (We recommend doing 2 so they can work and learn together. This will help with motivation, training and will produce more.)

• The average commission for a small manufacturer or small hotel could be would be $2,000-$10,000. (Every individual business is different and the savings varies with each employer.)

• If we work from the low end it would still produce $8,000 per month in revenue. If the employee was paid $8 per hour plus some bonuses, it would leave a profit of more than $6000 per month for the tribe. (This is a very conservative projection)

Support: Not only does Stryde have a great support and training program but we will provide a mentorship program to help with the implementation and expansion to other tribes.

Summary of Stryde Program and Benefits

• Create 1 to 3 Jobs at the Tribe Immediately

• Additional Monthly Income to the Tribe

• Added support from the community as they focus on hiring from the Tribe

• Participating businesses will become more involved with the needs of the Tribe members as they are promoted to the Tribe membership through the website that they support and hire Tribe members

• Turn key support from both Stryde and our mentorship program

• As Stryde is promoted to all 700 tribes in the US, the Bad River Tribe will earn overrides on all their sales as well as employ a lot more tribe members in each region

• The added income can expand benefits to Bad River Tribe members

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Tribal Job Creation March 13, 2017