Have you upgraded to Class A Green Status?

  1. There is a way to do the upgrade and not spend any money out of pocket….. the government has tax incentives,  the utility company gives rebates and with the energy savings most companies,  like yours can make the upgrade,  lower their operating cost,  increase the business valuation and in fact make money from day one!
    With some energy information,  Ill get you a proposal……………
  2. Have you upgraded to Class A green status?  OK,  we can be very helpful in that area,  as you know,  the biggest drawback is the cap cost to upgrade to green class A  status… we work with Amerikana Green energy,  an ESCO.   They work directly with the top manufactures in the world and in most cases they can upgrade businesses to leading edge Green Technology with NO capital expenditure.  By using utility rebates and tax incentives,  most companies Make Money by upgrading.  Provide us with your current energy information and we can determine if your business or company qualifies.
  3. In most cases,  Green Energy  can upgrade your business to the latest Green technology with no capital expenditure while lower your operating expense!  By using Go Green utility rebates and tax incentives most companies will have positive cash flow the very 1st year….. to see if your company qualifies, please provide us with the details about your current energy situation.

Why Now?  Why Us?  

We have a simple program to do all the work for you,  with some simple information we can boost your cash flow and reduce taxes,   why not try it and see how much we can save you? 

Class A Green Status January 26, 2017