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Would you rather know the first day or the last?

Tribal Initiative – Your tribe deserves to know!

Tribal Initiative is a non-profit educational organization which assists tribes with revenue and jobs. Its mission is to work toward a more progressive, financially stable government, to maintain tribal sovereignty, and to enable members to progress individually towards a more fulfilling life culturally, spiritually and economically in indian country.

Job Creation, Revenue, and Tribal Sovereignty!

Allowing tribes access to institutional programs to provide jobs, education, protect funds, and earn absolute gains. All to assist with education,healthcare, housing, enterprise programs, and more!


Our Founder

Our founder is from the Bad River Ojibwe in Odanah, WI. He understands, unlike many others, the challenges our Nations face. Along with his hand picked team of experts we are interested in getting your Tribe Signed up for these No Cost Services

  • Save Tribal Funds from unnecessary Costs
  • Create Jobs
  • Create Revenue
  • Secure Tribal Sovereignty through Education
  • Energy Conservation

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What People Say About Us

If you are looking for an easy, simple, earnings tool, First Position Commercial Mortgages are it. We like the monthly earnings we can count on each month, so will you. Adams Comfort Living Assisted Care Homes Dec. 8, 2016

Adams Comfort Living Assisted Care Homes

As a Bad River tribal citizen,  I am proud to know that my council took the time to see how earning more on our funds, like the banks do could help our tribe.  Cutting out the middleman and earning more on our dollars has been a huge

Bad River Chippewa Tribal Member

Bad River Chippewa The Bad River Chippewa in northern Wisconsin have been blessed to find and use the bridge plan program. Our past program was earning us about $5600 a year and we were able to go into a plan providing 100% secured funds vs 10% and

Bad River Chippewa Tribe

This program is ideal, my son loves it. I no longer work the three part times jobs I had up till age 81 and now I earn three times the income,  paid each month for my extra spending cash. This is such a blessing, thank you so much for

Bonnie the Grandma

I must finally give this a try, I am not earning monthly income checks now. My husband has passed and I used to have him deal with this stuff.  It’s nice to have a simple program that pays me monthly and I can renew after 12 months if I

Cattle Farmer

Thank you team at tribalinitiative.com,  you have traveled to Navajo Country New Mexico over the past year to educate our council and our tribal community.  We know the Ramah Settlement can now be used to earn more revenue for our Chapter here at Ramah without spending it. 

Chapter President David Jose

Wow this program pays me so good, I now have to think, do I want to place money in expansion and maybe earn a low 2% to 4% after costs,  when I can earn over 5% on my funds with no added effort. This is great news

Dairy Farmer

We were given the opportunity to invest in First Position Mortgages and since then, we’ve never seen such a return on our people’s money then recently with the investment vehicle presented by JT. McDonald. Etta Burns Treasurer Bad River Band of Lake Superior Tribe of Chippewa. Dec.

Etta Burns

Pete Viater has worked banking over 35 years and believes this knowledge of Bridge Plan monthly earnings will protect baby boomers,  retirees and Indian Country from fees and the Wall Street roller-coaster most cannot afford to be on. Protect your financial future for your children and grand-children

Former Bank President Pete Viater

Our funds have never earned this good and I have gotten my checks on time.  Thank you for taking the time to come visit and speak with my tribe on using our settlement funds to  earn for future generations.  We appreciate the education JT. McDonald has given

Navajo Indian Tribe

Congrats and thank you goes out to Ramah Chapter Navajo, for their success in getting the Ramah national settlement funds to help all tribes.  Their vision to earn on these funds for future generations is a blessing we are honored to be a part of. Helping add over $10,000

Ramah Chapter Navajo

Retired Farmer I was earning next to nothing at the local bank.  Now I get a check every month.  I am excited to go to the mailbox and get my check.  Its even more fun to go cash it each month at the bank.  Now I feel

Retired Farmer

After using the bank and brokerage firms to hold my money I was earning very little.  I decided to do a check and see if I could earn more with First Position Mortgages and I went from earning about $200 a year after fees to about $1,700

Retired Sheriff

If there is a better way to do something, would you rather know the first day or the last?   This is the best simple earnings program I have found in my retirement years to earn monthly income on my funds with no added management fees eating away

Tribal Initiative – Your tribe deserves to know! June 22, 2015